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Linder Oil is proud of our commitment to our financial partners as well as our dedication to proper use of our Nation's energy resources. Learn more about Linder Oil Company, A Partnership by viewing our informative overview brochure.

Linder Oil Company, A Partnership ("LOCAP") was formed and commenced operations in February, 1984 as a reorganization of an antecedent company, Linder Oil Company, which began business in July, 1980. This reorganization simply changed the form of the business from a corporation to a partnership. Initially, LOCAP held title to and operated all properties on behalf of its partners. However, in 1992, the actual record title of all oil and gas properties was transferred to LEC/LGOC. Since this transfer, LOCAP has served the sole purpose of operating properties owned by its partners, and other affiliates.

In March of 2002, CRC was organized and acquired by arms-length purchase substantially all of the producing properties owned by LEC/LGOC. At this time, CRC, as part of the transaction, made arrangements for LOCAP to continue to operate the newly acquired properties on its behalf. RM and Destin were formed and through various transactions acquired interest in certain oil and gas properties. Both RM and Destin have similar agreements with LOCAP for the management and operation of their respective properties.

In its present capacity LOCAP employs in-house fourteen (14) persons, primarily in geological, land, accounting and production operation positions, and another four (4) persons are retained as full-time consultants in land and geology.

LOCAP and its predecessor and affiliates have drilled and operated approximately five hundred (500) wells, the majority of which have been located onshore and offshore (territorial seas and OCS) South Louisiana and South Texas.

Presently LOCAP operates approximately, thirteen (13) properties, thirty-seven (37) wells onshore and offshore Louisiana, two (2) production platforms, located in federal waters, and one (1) located in state waters. LOCAP's OCS operator's number is 01376 and State of Louisiana operator's number is 3466. Destin Resources LLC State of Louisiana operator's number is D178.

CRC, RM, Destin, LOCAP, LEC and LGOC are all affiliated companies through ownership, but each is maintained and strictly operated as separate entities having separate and distinct organization and business plans.